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Bankruptcy Is Risky Without a Lawyer's Help

 Bankruptcy is a risky thing to try without an attorney's help. The law is complex and constantly changing. A missed deadline can keep you from filing and even a supposedly small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.

At The Law office of Tony Abueita Plc, in Flint, Michigan, I explain to people that there are many reasons not to file alone:

  • If you don't understand the exemptions, you could subject yourself to losing a lot of property.
  • You may not know about certain protections you can take advantage of, like the laws that extinguish second and third mortgages.
  • Certain property, such as cars, requires valuation according to the current market value and a reasonable interest rate.
  • The timing of filing is important. Filing at the wrong time of year can lead to the loss of huge tax returns.
  • Without a lawyer's protection, you risk losing more assets than you should.

There are several guides available that teach non-lawyers how to file for bankruptcy without an attorney's help. These guides can be as long as 400 or 500 pages of dense print. Many people buy the book, try and give up. They end up hiring an attorney anyway. Hiring an attorney from the beginning can save you the lost time and stress of trying the book approach first.

Contact The Law Offices of The Law office of Tony Abueita Plc. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy on your own.

For a Free Consulatation call 810-235-8669. You may also complete my online contact form. My office is located at 702 Church Street Flint, Michigan 48502.

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